Unlocking Crypto & Financial Markets

Bridging together traditional & crypto assets



All Transaction are decentralized using smart chain protocol.


BEP-20 Smart Chain

DKEY Token uses Binance Smart Chain for more flexibility.


Scalable Architecture

DKEY Token itself can be highly scalable in terms of usages.

DKEY Bank is a (De-Fi) Decentralized Finance Platform that provide high interest investment tool for investor to gain more return. DKEY Bank offers all kinds of financial tools e.g. Staking, Swap, Lending, Mining.



Decentralized banking platform that runs on blockchain.

DKEY Bank offers financial services knowns as "VAULT", and exclusively runs on blockchain network, for speed, security, reliability, and low transaction cost.

DKEY Staking Vault

Staking Vault

Earn return on interest by staking with DKEY Token.

DKEY Swapping Vault

Swap Vault

Swap DKEY Token with any traditional or crypto assets.

DKEY Lending Vault

Lending Vault

DKEY Token itself can be use as collateral assets in lending other cryptocurrencies.

DKEY Mining Vault

Mining Vault

Liquidity mining on DKEY Token, place your coin and yield extra DKEY on returns.

4 Major Vault

DKEY Bank services at your fingers tips.

DKEY Bank provide financial services that offers more flexibility and convenience compared to conventional banking system. All services run on Binance Smart Chain Protocol with enchance speed and accuracy.

DKEY Conventional vs De-Fi DKEY Conventional vs De-Fi
DKEY Token Distribution

DKEY Token

Specification & Distributions

Total Supply

100,000,000 DKEY Token

Contract Address


Token Standard

BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain

DKEY Token Distribution