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Unlocking Crypto & Financial Market

DKEY Bank, your rights to access your funds without compromise.

Decentralized Technology
Decentralized Technology

Cutting out the middlemen! Perform transactions without intermediaries

Binance Smart Chain
Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Enjoy greater flexibility and adaptability with BEP-20 token standard

Scalable Architecture
Scalable Architecture

Acts as a financial medium accommodating a myriad of use cases

User Friendly
User Friendly

Hassle-free for newbies! Customer service is always by your side to help out


No paperwork is required! Participate in DeFi products with just a few clicks

Low Cost
Low Cost

Say goodbye to those confusing charges and hidden fees!

Bootstrap Themes

Revolutionizing Conventional Banking

DKEY Bank is a decentralized financial ecosystem empowering people to control their finances by generating passive income on crypto assets.

Financial Services at Your Fingertips

Comparing to conventional banking systems, DKEY Bank replicates traditional financial services in blockchain network for greater flexibility and convenience.

The Financial Services Offered







Conventional Bank


Fixed Deposit



DKEY Bank App

Earn your passive income anytime, anywhere

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DKEY Bank Aims To Become
The World’s Trusted DeFi Platform

We celebrate every significant moment of accomplishment that marks our growth.


Quarter 1

Seed Round

$ 1,320,000

Token Locking Period 2 Years

DKEY Development

Binance Liquidity Trust Account

Binance Smart Chain Contract

Official Website and Whitepaper

Quarter 2

Private Round Launching

Both Private Round 1 ($0.30) and Private Round 2 ($0.50) were successfully adopted

Token locking period of 1 year

Total funds raised $800,000

DKEY Bank App Launching

Beta Version of DKEY Bank App went LIVE with Swap Vault and Staking Vault!!

Exchange Listing

Listed on ProBit Global

One of the world’s top 20 regulated cryptocurrency exchanges based in Korea

Listing price of $1.00

DKEY Bank Concept Office Launching

Soft launching event (Postponed to Q3)

Quarter 3

Global Market

Private Round Price rose between $0.80 and $5.00

Token locking period of 1 year

Staking in BNB and Asset Valuation (TVL)

Trust Entity

Allocated 20% of DKEY supply to Assets and Liquidity to support asset tokenization

Entrusted 20 million DKEY to trust account

DKEY Bank App Ecosystem Development

Added HECO network for deposit and withdrawal

Organized monthly campaigns to build up the community

New App UI design

DKEY Bank Concept Office Launching

Soft launching event

Quarter 4

Global Market

Private Round Price from $1.00 to $10.00

Market Recognition

Fully liquidated into cryptocurrency market

Rank as global top 500 cryptocurrency

DKEY Bank Savings Feature Launching

Introduce Flexi Savings and Fixed Savings

Supernode Recruitment

Recruit new regional supernodes

Organize regional marketing campaigns

Exchange Listing

List on exchanges that are regulated in regional supernodes country

DKEY Bank App Ecosystem Development

New official website design

Add multiple crypto assets to the ecosystem

Enable voting and governance functions


Quarter 1

DKEY Bank App Ecosystem Development

Develop Lending Vault and Mining Vault


List on Binance

Participate in Binance Launchpad and Launch Pool


Distribute DKEY to the community to promote awareness of DKEY Bank project

Market Recognition

Rank as global top 300 cryptocurrency

Market cap reaches $1 billion

Quarter 2

DKEY Bank Mobile App

Lending Vault and Mining Vault go LIVE!!

Enable cross-chain crypto assets in both Swap Vault and Staking Vault

Integrate Wallet Direct function with DKEY Bank App

DKEY Bank Card

Introduce crypto-to-fiat withdrawal service

Enable swipe to spend at merchants

Distribute rewards for spending

Loyalty Programme

Distribute rewards based on DKEY token holding

Quarter 3

Asset Tokenization

Embrace asset valuation and tokenization into DKEY Bank ecosystem


Release NFTs for charity donation and society sustainable development program

Press Release