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$DKEY is developed and deployed via BEP20 Binance Smart Chain

Decentralized Network
Decentralized Network
BEP-20 Standard
Scalable Architecture
Lightning Fast
Lightning Fast Execution

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Smart Contract


Ecosystem Blueprint



$DKEY is the core of all DKEY domains and governs all the ciruclation of the tokens. DKEY Horizon serves as a central hub to provide end-users with convenience in payments solutions as well as income generation. While DKEY Business target larger scale coperation in ultilizing $DKEY advantage in enterprise solutions.

Proof of Stake (PoS)

DKEY has selected proof of stake as a consensus algorithm for the $DKEY token model. 10 million $DKEY is allocated as the initial stake pool to incentivize early $DKEY stakeholders. And, 90% of the revenue will be distributed to proof of stake for generating staking rewards.

Proof of Burn (PoB)

DKEY has adopted buyback and burn as a deflationary mechanism to support long-term value growth and price stability of $DKEY. 10% of the revenue will be distributed to proof of burn for market buyback and burn. Burning is also a method of fee distribution, only it boosts the token price more efficiently.

For in-depth token blueprint, please visit docs.dkey.io


Distribution of Token

20% Seed Round
20% Asset & Liquidity
17% Presales
10% Vault Reward
10% Community
10% Founding Team
10% Strategic Partner
3% Private Round
20%Seed Round
20%Asset & Liquidity
10%Vault Reward
10%Founding Team
10%Strategic Partner
3%Private Round

For in-depth token allocation, please visit docs.dkey.io

Use Case

Ecosystem & Utilities

Store Asset tokenization provides a better storage solution for your real assets, whether in legal tender or in physical form.
Earn You can earn rewards and interests from DKEY Products, such as staking, savings and other upcoming Financial Products.
Trade You can exchange $DKEY with other tokens at Swap Vault, or trade $DKEY on various centralized and decentralized exchanges.
Spend You can use $DKEY for various DKEY Bank services and even spend on other external marketplaces.