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The Real Value of DKEY

DKEY is a BEP-20 token built on Binance Smart Chain with fast transaction speed and cross-chain compatibility. It improves DKEY token’s scalability and reliability as a settlement unit in DKEY Bank. Hence, the value of DKEY token is pegged to the demand of the DKEY Bank ecosystem.

DKEY Token Utilities

Total Reward of $276,121.40

Reward in DKEY: 126,265.53
Reward in DUSD: 175,108.97

Being distributed to DKEY Holders over 3 months

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Existing Utilities


Earn 29.2% APR by staking as low as 1,000 DKEY;

Get paid up to 0.18% rewards on staking contract daily.


Exchange to DKEY with other crypto.


Gain rewards upon completion of campagin missons.

I.e. referral account registration, staking contract activation, DKEY token distribution volume.


Subscribe at least 1 DKEY or 1 DUSD to earn annual interest on Flexi Savings or Fixed Savings.


Earn interest from crypto lending. Coming Soon


Earn interest by providing liquidity. Coming Soon


Enjoy rewards from every transaction. Coming Soon

Governance Vote

Give holders a say in future changes and upgrades. Coming Soon

Future Utilities

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DKEY Price


Market Cap


24h Volume


Total Supply


We are listed on


We are listed on


Dex Platform


Exchange Platform

Probit Global

& Distribution

Total Supply

100,000,000 DKEY token

Contract Address


Token Standard

BEP-20 on Binance Smart Chain

Smart Contract


20,000,000 DKEYSeed Round

Raise start-up funds for DKEY Project.

Require 2 year staking locking period.

20,000,000 DKEYAssets & Liquidity

A liquidity pool to support asset tokenization.

Require staking locking period based on DKEY current achievement.

20,000,000 DKEYVault Rewards

A reward pool to pay interest to users of DKEY Bank vaults.

Implement an adoption-tied reward model to reward users for their staking collateral by accumulating synthetics that expand quantity as demand rises.

Gradually implement governance model when more networks adopt DKEY to reward their users.

20,000,000 DKEYPrivate Round

Comprised of 20 rounds of token sales with 1,000,000 DKEY to be sold in each round.

Require 1-year staking locking period.

DKEY price will increase according to market price until completion of all rounds.

10,000,000 DKEYCommunity

A reward pool to provide rewards for community builder, contract bug-finder and ongoing campaign to attract new users.

Require staking locking period based on DKEY current achievement.

10,000,000 DKEYTeam

A reward pool pays to the development team and advisors.

Require 2 years staking locking period based on the project projection and achievement.