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Embracing the
Future of Web 3.0

Mass crypto adoption and blockchain leverage have become a global practice integrating with Web 3.0. DKEY Vault acts as a bridge to help your businesses by leveraging blockchain technology with your expertise.

Why Choose Us?

DKEY Vault remains at the forefront of blockchain to lead traditional businesses through digital transformation. DKEY Vault is a digital asset custody platform developed with the highest level of security to manage digital assets in an efficient and transparent way.

Core Services

Ensure enterprise-grade secure storage of digital assets

MultiSig Wallet

Authorities can be given to different parties to perform a task or transaction

Transparency & Auditability

Enable transparency and auditability of investments

Segregation & Independence

Guaranteed independence and neutrality for investors

Safekeeping of Digital Assets

Businesses can incorporate digital assets within traditional finance flexibly, responsively, securely via DKEY Vault backed with IBM FIPS 140-2 Level 4 certified Hardware Security Module. Moreover, it also delivers business operational excellence by achieving cybersecurity and financial crime compliance.

Level 4 First-class Industry Crypto Standard

Serve Your Needs

Open Financial Services
OTC Desk & Escrow

Conduct over-the-counter (OTC) trades with clients

Legal Consultancy

Provide professional legal advice to clients


Allow clients to trade digital assets with ease

Crypto Lending

Lenders provide the assets required for the loan at an agreed interest rate

Crypto Borrowing

Borrowers use digital assets as collateral to obtain fiat or stablecoin loan

Transaction Management

Facilitate and process business transactions

Wealth Management

Provide digital asset management services and advice to clients

Asset Tokenization

Convert the ownership of real assets into digital assets

Clients We Serve

DKEY Vault provides custodian services to high-net-worth individuals or corporations with high-level security coverage. Besides, OTC desk and escrow services are available when clients wish to execute over the counter deals in a secure way. We can also offer legal consulting support depending on clients’ needs.

DKEY Vault provides digital assets services and solutions with high flexibility and security level coverage to public and private corporations. We can also help provide general legal advice and the preparation of legal documents. With the transaction management service, clients can handle their B2B transactions in a secure, timely manner.

It is a safer option for clients to trade directly via the OTC desk and escrow service. We provide clients with liquidity, allowing them to easily buy, sell, and hold digital assets. When funds are insufficient, clients can use digital assets as collateral to obtain loans. Other than that, clients can get more capital by digitizing real-world assets into tokens.

DKEY Vault, as one of the most reliable partners with strong business alliances, gives institutional investors the best solution for sourcing liquidity. Moreover, we offer crypto lending and borrowing service options that fit the nature of our clients’ businesses.

Due to our experience in crypto, we can better assist clients in managing their wealth. Clients can always trade securely with OTC desk and escrow services.

DKEY Vault partners with professional bodies to address our clients' needs and improve their business sustainability. Partnering with lawyers can help provide legal consulting services to our clients. Partnering with accountants can help their clients to convert real-world assets into digital assets. Partnering with financial advisor can assist their clients to manage wealth by investing in digital assets.
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Digital Assets Staking

Generate passive revenue streams from your Digital Assets

Credit Card & Loyalty Programme

Provide great benefits and convenience

Business Merchant Account

A supercharged management tool that manages your business

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